10 Fun Facts About Bones

  1. DO YOU “LOSE” BONES: You’re born with approximately 300 bones, but end up with just 206! Many bones fuse together as you grow.



  1. WHAT MAKES YOU GROW: As long as your growth plates (typically at the end of bones) are open, you will continue to grow. The growth plates close in the late teens for boys and 2 years after a girl starts her menstrual cycle.



  1. HOW TO KEEP YOUR BONES HAPPY: Your bones gain density until age 30. Then your bone density declines unless you get enough exercise, calcium and vitamin D. Exercising daily (even simple walking) helps maintain bone density.



  1. HOW BROKEN BONES HEAL: The damaged surfaces knit together to form new bone. For a brief time the newly healed bone may be stronger.



  1. YOUR SKELETON HAS MANY JOBS: Your skeleton moves you and protects your vital organs. It also helps manufacture blood cells and regulate minerals to help your entire body function.



  1. YOUR LONGEST AND SHORTEST BONES: Your longest and strongest bone is your femur (thigh bone). The shortest and smallest bone is the stapes. This is in your middle ear and measures 0.11 inches.



  1. WHERE YOU HAVE THE MOST BONES: Your hand has 54 bones and allows you to do some amazing things.



  1. BONE IS A LIVING TISSUE: The collagen in bone is constantly replenishing itself. About every 7 years, you have a new skeleton.



  1. MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT: Men and women’s skeletons look surprisingly alike. But the shape, size and angle of a woman’s pelvis are specially geared for childbirth.



  1. SOME JOINTS DON’T MOVE: Your bones come together to form joints. Some joints (like your elbow) move a lot. Others (like the joints in your cranium) don’t move at all.