Back to School

By now, we’re all “Back to School” with our little ones in Pre-K, bigger ones in grade school and high school, and some of our former patients off to college!


We at CPO recently sent one of our own, Alix Keller, Medical Assistant (MA) here for many years, back to school! Alix has started the Physician Assistant Program at Northern Arizona University.  Congratulations Alix!  Alix will join the ranks of past employees who have been inspired to pursue professional careers in Medicine.


One of our first Front Office staff is now Dr. Marie Baron, a Pediatrician in the East Valley; Marie’s Mom, Tina, took over her post at Front Reception!


Another former MA, Anna, is in Medical School at the University of Kansas.


Michael, yet another MA and former patient, is a Physician Assistant in Globe.


We now welcome Lauren, MA who has aspirations in Medicine, having completed her Pre-Med college studies.  And, beyond employees we have had dozens of Physician Assistant and Medical Students and Physician Residents come through our office as part of their training!


We wish all of our CPO patient families a great school year.